Die Antwoord, Ten$ion

Dan Hyman

By Dan Hyman

on 02.03.12 in Reviews


Die Antwoord
South African rave-rappers ooze mainstream oomph-oomph

Not even the otherworldly, questionably authentic personalities behind South African rave-rappers Die Antwoord are immune to dance music’s global takeover. Thanks to beatmaster DJ Hi-Tek, scuzzy techno figured largely into $o$, the manic debut from MC Ninja and his mulletized lady sidekick, Yo-Landi Vi$$er. But their newest effort oozes mainstream oomph-oomph: “Never Le Nkemise” skids to several dubstep halts, and “I Fink U Freeky” is poppy enough to even warrant spins at pretentious bottle-service affairs. After cutting all major-label ties, and retreating to Cape Town, the trio’s typical smut-laden, XXX-lyrics are even sleazier this go-round, but the seeds of this shtick truly blossom when simple off-color antics give way to Ninja’s typhoon flow on “feel-good gangster shit” cut “So What?” Turns out, dude can spit fire.