Diarrhea Planet, We’re Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Evan Minsker

By Evan Minsker

on 08.20.13 in Reviews

Diarrhea Planet have been lauded as one of the best live bands going, and We’re Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams offers a stack of evidence for why that might be. They can deliver a melody that’s as catchy as any Cars hit and land an electric guitar solo that’s indebted to the hair metal gods. But for an album with cock-rock guitars and a Raymond Pettibon-reminiscent album cover, I’m Rich also has a sizable pile of quieter, simmering moments. Not just the Dave Grohl-ian palm-muted electric guitar strums — there are stretches of glistening, gorgeous underwater sonics on “The Sound of My Ceiling Fan.” Of course, the calm is temporary, interrupted by crashing drums, soaring guitars and a Justin Hawkins-style falsetto.

Whiplash-inducing style shifts with melodies guaranteed to satisfy

Their style shifts can be whiplash-inducing — I can’t recall any other band whose lead vocals can bring to mind both Panda Bear and the Offspring’s Dexter Holland. Depending on the track, their guitar sound channels Scorpions, Foo Fighters or Jimmy Eat World. Sure, it’s hard to get an exact read on this band, but that’s part of why they’re so captivating: The melody’s guaranteed to satisfy, but the songs are going to vary wildly. In sonic delivery and emotional tone, Diarrhea Planet don’t linger. On the power ballad “Kids,” they moodily ponder, “Can we carry so much pain?” “Skeleton Head” deals with depression and worry. But on “Separations,” there’s no such sensitivity: “Quit your bitchin’!” and “You can’t fuck with me!”