Various Artists, Desde CMQ Y Radio Progreso – 30 Pegaditas

Ned Sublette

By Ned Sublette

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Sessions from the golden age of live on-air music.

You can hear the audience cheering and singing along on this anthology of performances by the workaday gods and goddesses of Havana. These sessions are from the golden age of live on-air music, when bands had to come up with a show comprised of different material every day. The mainstays of this compilation are Conjunto Casino and Orquesta Riverside with Tito Gómez, but the trios (Servando Díaz and Hermanos Rigual) are sublime; there's a thrilling live performance of “Puntillita,” one of the big hits of Orlando Guerra, “Cascarita,” as well as Bola de Nieve doing “El Manisero.” The strangest number? A big-band version of “Red Roses for a Blue Lady” by Gómez and Riverside.