Desaparecidos, Read Music/Speak Spanish

Ian Cohen

By Ian Cohen

on 07.11.11 in Reviews
Nasty, brutish and short punk songs

“They say it’s murder on your folk career to make a rock record with The Disappeared.” In retrospect, Conor Oberst sang these lyrics on “Mall Of America” as something of a preemptive strike. Released mere months prior to his magnum opus, Speak Spanish is the exact opposite of Lifted…, a small batch of nasty, brutish and short punk songs with little ambition other than to rage against Omaha shrinking amidst the oppressive encroachment of suburbs, malls and more restaurants per capita. Saddle Creek’s angriest and rawest band, Desaparecidos remains a complete and fascinating outlier, and a beloved one as well judging by a triumphant reunion tour based on little more than a half hour of music.