Cargun, Deep Field South

Chuck Eddy

By Chuck Eddy

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
An acid-bath of swaggering macho rock.

These Jersey hard rockers might grab you right off the bat if you concentrate on their Hendrix/Cactus/Mountain-sized funk and tune out the fiber-challenged gut-busting of Paul Gerdts. But the more you listen, the more it seems his inspiration is certain healthy '70s macho rockers (Bad Company-era Paul Rodgers, maybe, or even Ozzy during the falsetto parts) rather than, say, the dork from Creed. Either way, though hooks are not exactly Cargun's forte, the band swings like there's no tomorrow. "Three Bags" and "Dead Again" kill, and the guitars get quite psychedelic in their upward spiraling exploration of who knows what.