This Heat, Deceit

Douglas Wolk

By Douglas Wolk

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

There are bands who think about what they're doing, there are bands who think a lot about what they're doing and then there's This Heat. Drummer, keyboardist and singer Charles Hayward has described how, when they were planning out their second album, Deceit, the trio's daily "rehearsals" consisted at one point of discussing how each song should work — for six weeks straight, during which they didn't play a note.

The legendary post-punk band isn’t very loud on their second record, but they’re no less suffocating.

What they came up with is a record that's not often loud, but one riddled with suffocating horror. Hayward's explained that most of the album is about the band's absolute conviction that they would soon perish in a nuclear war, and other themes that emerge from the lyrics are colonialism (singing text from the Declaration of Independence means something very different coming from a British band than it would from an American band), consumerism and false comfort.