Noriko Ogawa, DEBUSSY: Piano Music, Vol. 3

James Jolly

By James Jolly

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
A collection of Debussy’s piano music, handled with the utmost sensitivity.

Noriko Ogawa is working her way though Debussy's keyboard works for BIS and once again proves what a sensitive player she is. This is a nicely put-together programme with the 12 preludes of Debussy's Second Book balanced by some of the quirkier short pieces for solo piano. "La boite à joujoux" is pure delight, a spiky, Stravinskian romp through the nursery, offering up so many different delights that any bored child would be amply entertained. Ogawa's touch and flair are a delight at every turn. In the preludes themselves she proves a formidable interpreter: these are immensely challenging works calling for a real mastery of the keyboard. The concluding prelude "Feux d'artifice" ("Fireworks") is magnificently done, great shafts of light and colour shooting up into the night sky with effortless ease.