Various Artists – Landspeed, Death Mix

Chuck D

By Chuck D

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
A live show with hip-hop royalty

The Master of Records! This was actually a recording of Bambaataa and the Zulu Nation in the 1980s, a gig they was doing. Paul Winley was an entrepreneur on 125th Street, he put out a lot of the early rap records (like this one). I saw Bambaataa live, of course. Depending on where it was, it was crazy. Bambaataa was DJing before he was a recording artist. The Soul Sonic Force came out in their gear and everything, before them the Zulu Nation would keep everything in check. If anybody tried to act ill, there'd be so many Zulus surrounding the perpetrator… nobody was going to mess up a party. Bambaataa is, to me, hip-hop royalty. He's the holy trinity. I get the same feeling as when I met B.B. King — very humble, like I know how great they are.