Mondo Generator, Dead Planet

Peter Shapiro

By Peter Shapiro

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Motorvationally stoopid he-man blare: non-thrashers beware.

Mondo Generator is comprised of former Kyuss, Dwarves and Queens of the Stone Age bassist/madman Nick Oliveri plus whoever can keep up with him this month. As part of QOTSA, Oliveri was the bacchanalian hot rod trickster fuel-injecting Josh Homme's big sky psych with balls-to-the-wall punk-metal. Inevitably, neither is as good alone as they are together, but fans of the Black Flag-meets-Sabbath riffarama that got progressively relegated on each successive QOTSA album should find plenty here to keep them thrashing around their rooms. Dead Planet was produced by Nick Raskulinecz, who frames Ian Taylor's heart-attack guitar with pinpoint detail, giving it a Stoogeian razor edge. Oliveri, however, has neither Homme's gift for hooks nor his quick wit. But when his rather pro forma hard rock lyrics and singing is atop such motorvationally stoopid he-man blare as “Basket Case,” “Life of Sin,” “I Never Sleep” and “Lie Detector” it's hard to care.