Dar Williams, In the Time of Gods

Mikael Wood

By Mikael Wood

on 04.17.12 in Reviews

In The Time Of Gods

Dar Williams

Count on Dar Williams to work the word “estuary” into a song. The veteran folkie does it in “Crystal Creek,” a typically handsome acoustic ditty that also addresses “my noble animals” and compares a tree to “a home of memories.” Williams’s first studio album since a slate-cleaning 2010 retrospective, In the Time of Gods pairs thoughtful ecological meditations like “Crystal Creek” and “Summer Child” with tunes inspired by Greek mythology (“Storm King”) and man’s age-old tendency toward conflict (“I Am the One Who Will Remember Everything”). But backed by players including Shawn Colvin and Larry Campbell, Williams takes care to acknowledge her more modern circumstance, as well: In the tender “I Have Been Around the World,” for instance, this hard-touring road warrior memorably describes a cup of 3 a.m. coffee with her family before leaving on one more jet plane.