Daniel Avery, Drone Logic

Sharon O'Connell

By Sharon O'Connell

on 11.27.13 in Reviews

As post-dubstep splinters into countless micro genres and the two-step garage revival gathers pace, Daniel Avery releases his tag-averse debut. There’s more than a trace of rave to these 12 tunes, but they’re agreeably off-centre, anchored by UK bass’s weight and balanced by melodic complexities, with savvy shifts in tone and context preventing numbing repetition. Not that Avery denies the pleasure of a good, old-fashioned build/release pattern: the title track is an especially strong call to the dance floor, but the hushed minimalism of “Naïve Response” and the lean, cosmic-house groove that drives “Simulrec” show the wayward logic that is Avery’s sharpest tool.