The Primeridian, Da Allnighta

Joe Lopez (aka DJ Bazooka Joe)

By Joe Lopez (aka DJ Bazooka Joe)

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Hailing from Chicago, Jamie Roundtree and Simeon Viltz make up the duo of Primeridian. Having built their buzz through the years by producing locally and performing with some of hip-hop's greatest acts, they come with the follow-up to their 2001 debut on the All Natural imprint, delivering one of the more musical efforts in underground hip-hop this year. The production is placed in the forefront, with pieces of blues, funk, jazz, reggae, electronic and rock masterfully intertwined to create a truly unique sound (Check "Floatin," "Trumpets of Zion" and "Our Life's Passion"). Lyrically, these guys can hold their own with tracks like "Smoke Signals," "Broken Wings" and "Midwest Grit" showcasing their talent behind the microphone as well. The Chicago music scene has always been rich and innovative, and that is reflected in the hip-hop that comes out of Chi-town — just listen to any Common or Kanye West material for further proof. The Primeridian are definitely an up-and-coming group that will soon be mentioned in the same breath as Blackalicious and Atmosphere.