Cursive, The Ugly Organ

Ian Cohen

By Ian Cohen

on 07.11.11 in Reviews
A caustic, catchy and often very funny confessional

Self-aggrandizement, self-loathing — equal and opposite manifestations of ego, and on The Ugly Organ, Tim Kasher’s has its own gravitational field. “There’s no use in keeping secrets/ Everything I hide ends up in lyrics,” Kasher sings on the self-explanatory “Art Is Hard,” and throughout this caustic, catchy and often very funny confessional, you hear a man fueling his muse with self-immolation and realizing it’s a dead end by the epic 10-minute closer “Staying Alive.” Even if Kasher’s personal and artistic life are inextricably linked, you don’t have to admire the man to admire his work.