Cows, Cunning Stunts

Joe Gross

By Joe Gross

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
The ultimate album from the ultimate AmRep band.

Save for Halo of Flies, Minneapolis maniacs the Cows were the ultimate AmRep band: incomprehensibly distorted guitar, frenzied, often messy rhythms and an utter lunatic on vocals. Mustachioed singer/trumpet abuser Shannon Selberg was notorious for scaring the living shit out of fans in clubs throughout the nation, but it took some time for their albums to catch up with their punishing live show. Cunning Stunts is their most focused collection, the moment where the chaos consistently coalesces into almost recognizable songforms. Guitarist Thor Eisenstrager is the hero here; lesser bands have built entire albums out of his tossed off, creepy explosions.