Cross Stitched Eyes, Decomposition

Phil Freeman

By Phil Freeman

on 07.09.12 in Reviews
Roaring, throbbing noise at high speed and top volume

This semi-Gothy crust-punk outfit features members of U.K. Subs, the Subhumans (British version, not Canadian version) and Alaric, and they make a roaring, throbbing, Killing Joke-meets-Amebix noise at high speed and top volume. Vocalist Jason Willer has a Jaz Coleman-esque “there’s a living thing in my throat and it’s pissed” gargle-roar that perfectly suits the apocalyptic lyrics of songs like “Animated Corpse” and “Broken Mind.” Behind him, guitarist Tim Shapland lets chords ring out like a clarion calling hordes of protesters to a public square, while drummer Stevie Daniel pounds the kit like it owes him money. The occasional one-finger keyboard melodies only add ferocity. The record blasts by, one crushing, pit-roiling primal scream after another, occasionally displaying a surprising catchiness even on tracks with running times under a minute, until the final track, the nearly seven-minute “Sluglord,” which adds a doomy churn to the group’s bag of tricks.