Funkadelic, Cosmic Slop

Kandia Crazy Horse

By Kandia Crazy Horse

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Cosmic Slop

Funkadelic’s final bona fide masterpiece

George Clinton, ringleader of the Parliamentfunkadelicment Thang, is one of the prime movers of 20th-century postwar music — but he's sometimes dismissed as a tricked-out R&B buffoon. This can partly be ascribed to the fabled album covers by Pedro "Sir Lleb" Bell, whose wonderfully scatological, Afro-metafizzik art debuted on 1973's Cosmic Slop. But beneath the cartoons, Cosmic Slop is the final bona fide masterpiece of Clinton's head band, Funkadelic — an acid-fried, fuzzed-out cycle which began with their eponymous 1970 debut. Guitar god Eddie Hazel had exited, but be-diapered 21-year old guitarist Garry Shider turned "Cosmic Slop," an ode to a mother ho'ing to feed her babies, into the album's centerpiece and an enduring P-Funk classic. Above all, keyboard wizard Bernie Worrell stepped up as MVP. (See "Nappy Dugout.") Other essentials include "March to the Witch's Castle," an early account of Vietnam vets 'readjustment nightmares, and "No Compute," a hilarious reminder that Funkadelic was one of the era's greatest unsung rockabilly groups.