Mia Doi Todd, Cosmic Ocean Ship

Amelia Raitt

By Amelia Raitt

on 03.31.11 in Reviews

Mia Doi Todd's Cosmic Ocean Ship is perfect for a warm, relaxing summer night. In the sugary love song "Under the Sun," the L.A. singer/songwriter calmly sings, "Maybe we should spend some time together under the sun," and in "Summer Lover" it's "Come on, summer, give me a smile/ That long, cold winter lasted quite a while." Her songs are delicate and jazz-influenced, most of them strongly rooted in a combination of nature (skipping stones, the ocean, green grass and pine trees) and self-reflection ("Wondering if I can be a good woman" in "Skipping Stones," "Gotta face myself, can I manage?" in "The Rising Tide").