Conquering Animal Sound, Kammerspiel

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 08.03.11 in Reviews

Conquering Animal Sound is made up of just two people, Anneke and James who, according to their Tumblr, “make music in their flat every day.” And that’s exactly what Kammerspiel sounds like: small, delicate, hand-crafted songs that move like the tiny ballerinas atop miniature music boxes. The music is spare — tiny, tinkling bells, quiet xylophones, a few whispery clicks and snaps — and Anneke’s childlike voice seems simultaneously full of wonder and caution. “Flinch” is built from plinking plastic pianos and odd snatches of percussion, “Tracer” is shivery and quiet, a low bass hum and sporadic synths that blink like distant airplanes. This is warm, deliberate music, as gentle as a lullaby, as soft as falling snow.