Various Artists, Concerti for Flute, Trumpet and Piano

Gavin Borchert

By Gavin Borchert

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Concerti for Flute, Trumpet and Piano

Various Artists
One of Haydn’s most popular concertos (and a few more while we’re at it).

Of Haydn's several concertos, the one for trumpet is the most popular, not merely because there are so few trumpet concertos, but because of the work's color and catchiness, its singing melodies and stirring brilliance. The valve trumpet was brand-new when Haydn wrote this piece, and he took advantage of its greater flexibility. The vivacious Piano Concerto offers another flashy “Hungarian” finale (Dieter Goldman here plays on a lighter-toned piano from Haydn's time, and the results are sparkling), and the Flute Concerto is rococo entertainment music par excellence.