Andy White, Compilation

Colin Irwin

By Colin Irwin

on 04.22.11 in Reviews


Andy White
The Irish troubadour who asked us to help him look for James Joyce’s grave.

Any journey into the realms of contemporary Irish music must include Andy White's thrilling classic “Religious Persuasion,” a fraught, graphic narrative on the religious divide that was causing so much pain in his native Belfast in 1986, when this song was first released. It earned him comparisons with Dylan and launched him on a highly individual path as a singer-songwriter with rock tendencies. It never turned him into a major star but it produced some cracking, highly unusual songs. Check out the colourful personal saga “Looking For James Joyce's Grave,” the jangly singalong “Between a Man and a Woman,” the compelling imagery of “Street Scenes from My Heart,” the strongly Dylanesque “Reality Row” and the sharply lyrical “In a Groovy Kind of Way” (“If Ireland is the stepmother of America and America is the crystal ball she gave away/ Well, I must be the fortune teller's grandson come to polish it up in a groovy kind of way.”)