Colleen Green, Milo Goes to Compton

Evan Minsker

By Evan Minsker

on 02.21.12 in Reviews
Urgent and vital

Milo Goes to Compton, which, let’s be honest, is an awesome album title starts by showcasing Colleen Green as a cool, quiet singer with an electric guitar. She practically whispers her sensual lyrics in a detached tone beneath muted power chords on opener “Good Good Things.” In fact, “quiet” is her go-to vocal setting throughout, which could easily get frustrating since she’s often singing over a prominent thudding drum machine. Thankfully, she ramps up the tempo, and Johnny Ramone chord progressions, on subsequent track “I Wanna Be Degraded,” and while her voice stays soft, her instrumental aggression more than counterbalances any trepidation. (Green is a closet garage punk – she covered Nobunny on a previous EP.) That punk streak runs throughout the album. On “Nice Boy,” where she sings about wanting a non-dramatic, monogamous relationship, a ripping guitar line occasionally breaks through the fog. It’s those moments of shredding that keep Milo, an album all about love (and maybe lust) both urgent and vital.