Bark Psychosis, Codename: Dustsucker

Nitsuh Abebe

By Nitsuh Abebe

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Besides Disco Inferno, the other prime band of first-wave post-rock was Bark Psychosis — a crew of teenaged metalheads who matured into a much more elegant experimentalism. By the time they released their landmark 1993 album, Hex, they were making the kind of avant-garde your grandparents could love: the dubbed-out bass may have had a certain stoned torpor, and the slow-motion drifts of guitar chime, piano reverberation and string hum came together with the loose, open flow of a psychedelic act, but the feel was absolutely graceful, full of warm, pastoral glow and rich, sleepy depths. When the act re-emerged with this 2004 record, they'd only taken those impulses further along. The slow-burning float of its "pop" songs is as lulling and accessible as ever, and just as natural in its bucolic, open-air sound.