Cloud Control, Dream Cave

Victoria Segal

By Victoria Segal

on 09.17.13 in Reviews

Dream Cave

Cloud Control
Enough little surprises to distinguish themselves from the dream-pop hordes

Proving that Tame Impala and Pond aren’t the only bands with their spinning eyes on Australia’s psychedelic pop crown, Cloud Control won the Australia Music Prize with their 2010 debut Bliss Release. Success at home encouraged the quartet to settle in London in the quest for a wider audience but Dream Cave suggests that they would much preferred to have relocated to another astral plane. Drifting through an expansive innerspace full of pop wormholes and shifting melodic sands, singers Alister Wright and Heidi Lenffer just about keep it together enough to articulate a sense of dazed ennui and dreamy romance, mined with enough little surprises to ensure they distinguish themselves from the dream-pop hordes. The Portisdread crackle of “Tombstone” and the baroque doo-wop of “Promises” operate at the record’s outer limits, but there’s a steely pop scaffolding under the blurry disorientation, especially on the woozy theatricality of “Scar” and “The Smoke, The Feeling,” which takes a turn around the dancefloor with Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks. “Nobody would expect these colors to compliment the rest,” sings Lenffer woozily, but Dream Cave is harmonious in every way.