Waylon Jennings, Closing In On The Fire

Andy Beta

By Andy Beta

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Waylon Jennings is not the Man in Black, unless it means he's swimming in black label Jack with a mind humming from a handful of Black Beauties. Too miscreant for Nashville's countrypolitan scene in the late '60s, Waylon rode off on his own. He spearheaded the "Outlaw" movement in country along with drinking buddies Willie Nelson and Billy Joe Shaver in the early '70s, emphasizing hard loving, living and substances (not necessarily in that order). Making a comeback in the grunge era, Waylon casually creaks about such times and cronies on "Best Friends of Mine." His throat fissured, every bit the grizzled elder, Waylon still wades deep into the swamp of the title track and the Stones '"No Expectations" to stare down the blackness.