Dahlia Wakefield, Close To Home

Chuck Eddy

By Chuck Eddy

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Almost country, entirely charming.

Born in the Philippines, now based in Alberta, Dahlia Wakefield seasons her Europop/dance-rock country with an Alanis/Shakira vibrato and Abba touches. From her webpage: "The AC acronym for Adult Contemporary really stands for Almost Country." Dahlia's drummer knows his stuff, and the intentionally self-parodying hidden acoustic version of "I Believe" is completely nuts and hilarious: She opens clearing her throat, then threatens to break some guy's knees, cast a spell with her love potion, drug him intravenously, duct-tape his lips and "not stop the Viagra" until he'll live with her happily ever after, even though "I know you're trying to out-whip me."