Asobi Seksu, Citrus

Michaelangelo Matos

By Michaelangelo Matos

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Dream-poppy New York quartet finds its blissed-out voice.

Recalling Lush and the Cocteau Twins when they're hazy or Heavenly when they're more straightforwardly poppy, New York quartet Asobi Seksu's second album is one of the brighter shoegaze albums to be released after that style's early-'90s heyday. There is, of course, plenty of guitar distortion here, though James Hanna is as fond of the clean tone that epitomized the twee-pop aesthetic as he is of the aural sandstorms kicked up in My Bloody Valentine's wake, and Yuki Chikudate's winsome vocals fit both modes perfectly. But the secret weapon here is drummer Mitch Spivak, who's equally convincing laying down grooves heavy (check his gargantuan rolls on "Red Sea" and "Thursday") and prance-around shambling ("Goodbye").