Kelley Polar, Chrysanthemum EP

Todd Burns

By Todd Burns

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Kelley Polar's excellent Love Songs of the Hanging Gardens didn't get nearly the amount of ink that similar-sounding LPs by Junior Boys and Hot Chip received. That obviously hasn't fazed him much. His newest single packs just as much confusion and discomfort into his distinctively shiny disco-pop template.

The classically trained dance pop weirdo’s first single for his second album.

Things aren't exactly the same, though. “Chrysanthemum” has moved on from the shame of Love Songs to a minor-key revenge fantasy. “Make a chrysanthemum/ of every human head / Make a chrysanthemum/ and kill them in their beds” goes the sweetly harmonized chorus — and all of a sudden that sample of someone breathing transforms from “rhythmic device” to “creepy.” Brilliant.