Superdrag, Changin’ Tires On The Road To Ruin

Lindsey Thomas

By Lindsey Thomas

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
B-sides and rarities from the Beatles-loving quartet that brought you “Sucked Out.”

Superdrag's “Sucked Out” was one of the better lone alterna-hits of the ’90s, but it failed to display the group's talent for graceful ’60s thievery. With a few ancient organs and flanging drum fills, this compilation of b-sides and rarities, ranging from 1997 to the start of their ongoing hiatus in 2003, makes up for that. In fact, opener “Here We Come” borrows so blatantly from the Beatles '”You Never Give Me Your Money” that you can practically hear the musicians winking when they get to the loping chorus. Not that Superdrag are just another bunch of ankle boot-wearing Fab Four fetishists. On “No Inspiration,” the band produces a swoon-worthy girl-group sway, and “I Am Incinerator” is a great rush of chunky guitar power pop. For the most part, the band's would-be-retro-hit machine is on par with that of Fountains of Wayne — and hey, it took them years to be a one hit-wonder.