Cerrone, Cerrone By Bob Sinclar

Todd Burns

By Todd Burns

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Cerrone By Bob Sinclar

Unjustly neglected French disco purveyor gets reclaimed by one of his fellow countryman’s superb DJing skills.

Most narratives of European disco in the '70s tend to begin and end with Giorgio Moroder. That's just silly. There were plenty of other producers working on the Continent, pumping out funky dance music for the masses. One of the best was Cerrone. Sure, he started much later than Moroder (in 1976), but he sold a ton of records — 25 million to be exact. So why is Cerrone seemingly forgotten? Well, for one, many of his records were criminally out of print in the States for more than a decade. Here, contemporary producer/DJ Bob Sinclar goes some way towards correcting that, collecting some of Cerrone's greatest moments and then remixing and editing them to craft a seamless mix of classic disco cheese. Everything is here: “Love in C Minor,” “Supernature,” “Love Is the Answer” and even what sounds like some of the ladies from Cerrone's Paradise for a very special intro. Ooh la la.