Various Artists – Celluloid, Celluloid Years: 12″es and More

Brian Coleman

By Brian Coleman

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Celluloid Years: 12"es and More

Various Artists - Celluloid

Although many producers worked on Celluloid releases, the most accomplished efforts were abetted by studio svengali Bill Laswell. Under the name Material (with cohorts Michael Beinhorn and Fred Maher), Laswell was the musical mastermind behind many slick, tight productions here: Shango's “Zulu Groove” and “Shango Message” (with co-production by DJ Afrika Bambaataa), Fab Five Freddy's and BeeSide's “Change the Beat,” and even the Bambaataa / John Lydon collabo “World Destruction” (as Time Zone).

A great collection of hip-hop 12″s, featuring Afrika Bambaataa, Johnny Rotten and Bill Laswell.

Also included here are great tracks by producer Bernard Zekri (Time Zone's “The Wildstyle”) and Laswell collaborator DJ Grandmixer D.ST. And Laswell produced a couple Last Poets-related cuts (featuring vocalists Sulieman El-Hadi and Jalal Nudiddin). Celluloid even gave a graffiti legend who couldn't really rap a shot (backed by the Clash, go figure): Futura 2000's “The Escapades of Futura 2000.”