Acid King, Busse Woods

George Smith

By George Smith

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Laurie S., the axe-wrangler and singer for Acid King, does it really slow. Rescued from the rubble of Man's Ruin, Busse Woods furnishes the band's drawn-out, doomy jam under her ghostly moaning mumble. Deliberate is an apt description for everything Acid King does, even a pour-the-molasses version of Lemmy Kilmister's "Motorhead." There's a tune about being part of a biker nation, pounding steadily down a muddy road — it's the high point of this set, which also features an art band-like performance of BTO's "Not Fragile." If you really want to get a grip on what Acid King does, recall the part in A Fish Called Wanda where the criminal, played by Kevin Kline, is slowly run over and pressed into a plot of wet cement by a bulldozer. On Busse Woods, Acid King drives the bulldozer.