Chewy Marble, Bowl of Surreal

Stacy Flatt

By Stacy Flatt

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Power-poppers break the mold on this excellent album.

With prominent piano and bass, it's easy to make comparisons to other keyboard-heavy bands like Ben Folds Five and Jellyfish, but there is a lot more to Chewy Marble than that. "Scribble Variations" breaks the three-minute power-pop formula, clocking in at over six minutes and having several distinct movements. You can hear the band's sense of humor in "Midtempo Trap," a fun little tongue-in-cheek song about the dangers of writing a song that straddles that line between upbeat ditty and ballad. Many of the songs start with memorable bass, guitar or piano riffs, as in "Necessary Evil," which boasts a horn part that's more "Penny Lane" than Bacharach; in fact, Beatles references run throughout the album. On Bowl of Surreal, Chewy Marble take some great influences and put them all together in their own unique way.