Dave Douglas, Louis Sclavis, Peggy Lee, Dylan Van Der Schyff, Bow River Falls

Dylan Hicks

By Dylan Hicks

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
A versatile trumpeter gets chamber, free and electronic on this precise quartet session.

Trumpeter-composer Dave Douglas has accommodated about two-thirds of the available jazz modifiers, including "chamber," "straight-ahead," "electronic," "world" and "free." Bow River Falls features an in-sync quartet and touches on the chamber, free and electronic side of things. You probably won't be humming many of its serpentine melodies on your way to work, but you'll remember the album's mood: mostly sunny and lovely yet tinged with a gray omen, like a nature walk where you get lost for a few hours but make it back just before dark. Douglas 'playing is precise and expressive, but this is a collaborative effort and all acquit themselves admirably: Peggy Lee on bowed and pizzicato cello keeps one foot in the conservatory and another in the Village Vanguard; Dylan Van Der Schyff's laptop textures are as smart and evocative as his drumming; and reedman Louis Sclavis plays like he's thinking up multiple-choice answers to metaphysical riddles.