Destroy All Monsters, Bored

George Smith

By George Smith

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

The Stooges and the MC5 left such a bad taste in major label mouths that ex-members, two of whom (Ron Asheton from the former, Mike Davis from the latter) joined this band and had trouble getting arrested in the '70s. This collection puts together Destroy All Monsters 'obscure 7-inchers from the hind end of the decade. This version of DAM was a hard rocking band of downers led by frontwoman Niagara and guitarist Asheton — here more conventional and bar-band professional than on the first two Stooges albums. Which actually works as Niagara, while exotic and dangerous-looking, "sang" in an, at best, enthusiastic monotone, one that needed considerable propping up (or patience, depending on your POV). A saxophone tootles aimlessly in the background as Asheton's riffs motor by on spirit-raisers about JFK's brains being blown out, being called a "motherfucker" frequently and the existential question of what you're going to get from life.