Bush Tetras, Boom In The Night

Jason Pettigrew

By Jason Pettigrew

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Williamsburg hipsters, eat your hearts out — this spike-grooved trio was kickin’ it before you were born

This three-girl/one-guy aggregate harnessed irresistible grooves, rhythmic focus (the inimitable drummer Dee Pop), twisted guitar noise (Pat Place, formerly of the Contortions) and a sweaty sexuality (frontwoman Cynthia Sley) that makes them worthy of the same kind of deification that has been rightfully given to their British soul-sisters the Slits. Much of the underground stuff unloved hipsters are currently singing the praises of (Die Monitr Batss, Veronica Lip Gloss, et al.) can be traced back to the Tetras 'bold aesthetic conception.