Flin Flon, Boo-Boo

Mike McGonigal

By Mike McGonigal

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Mark Robinson and co. embrace post-punk, years before it became fashionable again.

Who was embracing the post-punk 1980s four years before Franz Ferdinand played their first note? TeenBeat maestro, Mark Robinson, that's who. He'd already mined the New Wave aesthetic in the mid '90s with Air Miami, and in 1997 he formed Flin Flon with the drummer from True Love Always and the bassist from the Cold Cold Hearts. At times the rhythms are as jagged as the groups from the Ron Johnson label, or even the aptly-named Fire Engines. The main difference is that the pace rarely strays beyond mid-tempo and Mark's voice doesn't rise above his trademark whisper-speech. The songs stay in pocket at all times, stripped-down and fun as hell. Even the castoff numbers here shimmer.