Bob Dylan, Another Side Of Bob Dylan (2010 Mono Version)

Douglas Wolk

By Douglas Wolk

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Another Side Of Bob Dylan (2010 Mono Version)

Bob Dylan

Recorded in a single night, in front of a handful of friends, Dylan's last solo acoustic album for nearly 30 years showed off the melodic leaps forward his songwriting had taken. (The Byrds later covered four of its songs.) He's still invested in the political world, but in a more abstract way than his previous few records; "Chimes of Freedom" surveys the political landscape from a distance, and "My Back Pages" dismisses his old moral certitude. What he's more interested in here is the difficult complexities of human relationships, from the horndog Jimmie Rodgers homage of "All I Really Want to Do" to the three savage breakup songs that end the album — not coincidentally, his relationship with Freewheelin 'cover girl Suze Rotolo had collapsed shortly before.