Various Artists, Blue Flag

Chris Hunt

By Chris Hunt

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Blue Flag

Various Artists
Pioneers of the football record get their own tribute album

Chelsea have proved the strongest force in English football in recent years, but they were also among the pioneers of the football record. A football classic of its era, "Blue Is the Colour" was released to celebrate the club's successful run to the League Cup final of 1972. Although the song reached number five in the charts and allowed the players to showcase their vocal talents, the support did them little good, as they lost the final 2-1 to Stoke City. In comparison, "Ruddy's Rocksteady Crew" may not have caught on as a terrace chant, but Henry Turtle's pop-ska tribute to Ruud Gullit has a magic of its own. Also among the blue flag-waving tributes is Ron "Chopper" Harris, proving as he belts out "C-H-E-L Sea Of Blue" that even the most notorious hardman in English football history can spell.