Black Dice, Mr. Impossible

Ian Cohen

By Ian Cohen

on 04.10.12 in Reviews
Meant to induce dancing (however awkward) instead of headaches

While colleagues like Gang Gang Dance, Liars and Animal Collective eventually discovered their inner pop instincts and broke into wider audiences, Black Dice have proudly been mainstays of New York’s noise-rock scene for the past decade-plus. So what’s surprising about Mr. Impossible isn’t that Black Dice have finally cracked made a record that could be described as “accessible” and even “fun.” What’s truly surprising is that they’ve done so while still making something unmistakably Black Dice. Imagine the recent work of Battles or Mouse On Mars rendered with a playful anti-musicality and you’re not too far removed from the sound they crafted on Load Blown and Repo. Whether it’s the propulsive “The Jacker” or the swooning “Spy vs. Spy,” the duo instead employ their distorted and distended sounds into muscular grooves, catchy riffs and repetition meant to induce dancing (however awkward) instead of headaches.