Dapayk & Padberg, black beauty

Philip Sherburne

By Philip Sherburne

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
A funeral oration for vinyl records.

The technology for DJing with MP3s has been around for a few years, but 2007 was the year that Serato, Final Scratch and the like really seemed to take off. Even DJs who 18 months ago swore an undying allegiance to vinyl suddenly swapped record crates for a laptop bag. While it's too early to sound the death knell for wax, it's clear that a generation is being weaned off its addiction to "black crack," making Dapayk & Padberg's funeral oration — "This could be the last vinyl album/ MP3s killed the black beauty" — more than a little prescient. The track felt even more significant for the way that it breathed new life into the genre known as "minimal," which itself seems finally to be on the way out. With little more than sub-bass wobble, flashes of white noise and the eerie tonalities of detuned voices, the cut summed up the best of the genre. Download it now — before MP3s themselves are a thing of the past.