Bitch, Be My Slave / Damnation Alley

Jon Wiederhorn

By Jon Wiederhorn

on 06.14.11 in Reviews
Simple, primal and powerful

The first artist signed to Metal Blade, Bitch blended the rumbling style of Girlschool with the riffage of early Judas Priest. The group was fronted by Betsy “Bitch” Weiss, a theatrical frontwoman who played a dominatrix onstage and wrote fun, spirited songs like “Leatherbound” and “Live For the Whip.” Weiss wasn’t the most powerful vocalist, but she could carry a tune well enough, and the band’s musicianship was simple, primal and powerful, complimenting Weiss’s sexually-charged delivery. They may not be remembered as the most important Metal Blade band of all time, but Bitch made mainstream tough-chick rock like Pat Benatar and Joan Jett sound about as dangerous as Cyndi Lauper.