Tod Dockstader & David Lee Myers, Bijou

Rod Smith

By Rod Smith

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

One of the few people in the world who can quote John Cage without sounding like a museum curator, Tod Dockstader was born in 1932, the same year as Pauline Oliveros and Eliane Radigue. Like Charlemagne Palestine, whose self-imposed "period of silence" took up most of the '80s and some of the following decade, Dockstader — a wholly self-taught composer — took a long break from making music. But Dockstader, who first made a name for himself with a handful of strikingly vibrant electroacoustic albums in the '60's, easily doubled his younger colleague's retirement, remaining inactive from 1967 until 1997, when he and feedback systems pioneer David Lee Myers collaborated on Pond. This film-inspired sequel finds the duo in uncommon mettle, carving zeros and ones into stark, shadowy noir that really does deserve a movie.