Big Gipp, Mutant Mindframe

Hua Hsu

By Hua Hsu

on 08.26.12 in Reviews

Goodie Mob wasn’t in great shape circa 2003. Cee-Lo had left a few years earlier and found success as a kind of hippie-funk charismatic. There’d always been surplus energy spilling from the goofy hard rock Gipp and that year he took a sabbatical from the group to release Mutant Mindframe, a collection of the trippier moments that outstretched the Goodie aesthetic. The daredevil flow of “Make the People Say,” the bottom-heavy crawl of “Make it Happen” and the Neptunes-tinged “Wildout” (featuring the underrated Slimm Calhoun) were all solid slabs that drew from Gipp’s past. But it was the spaced-out moments that brought out the best in him. He and Andre 3000 try to out-style each other on “Boogie Man” while “Creeks” (featuring Witchdoctor) sounds like an inside-out P-Funk tune. The Sleepy Brown-powered “Steppin Out” is pure ecstasy, an irresistible steppers’ classic.