Cliff Hillis, Better Living Through Compression

Stacy Flatt

By Stacy Flatt

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
An album deserving of a spot on every power-pop fan’s CD shelf.

Cliff Hillis, a veteran of power-pop outfits Starbelly and the John Faye Power Trip, kicks off his sophomore album with a track full of the guitars and harmonies that are power-pop's bread and butter. Better Living Through Compression is full of melodies so catchy, you find yourself singing along. Hillis is an unabashed power-pop fan and his album is full of all the influences that you might expect, from the Velvet Crush and Matthew Sweet to the early proprietors of the genre such as the Beach Boys and the Raspberries. Better Living Through Compression deserves a place on every power-pop fan's CD shelf.