Berit Johansen Tange, Langgaard: Piano Works, Vol. 2

Amelia Raitt

By Amelia Raitt

on 03.31.11 in Reviews

Danish composer Rued Langgaard's dreamily pastoral piano works have a boyish feel to them, an uncomplicated yearning for simpler-seeming times and an honest feel for the beauty of nature. These are difficult emotions to convey in music without ending up in in a tepid New Age bath, but Langgaard pulls the trick off. He's a smart composer, and his little glowing pools of reflective sound bear some of Erik Satie's numinous qualities. The reverie is darkened, and deepened, by the appearance of trembling shadows, here and there, and pianist Berit Johansen Tange smartly renders every quiver in the music's emotional needle.