Guided By Voices, Bee Thousand

Greg Milner

By Greg Milner

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
The consensus masterpiece of Guided by Voice’s enormous catalogue.

This one's the fan favorite, the consensus masterpiece, and the easiest GbV album to love instantly and unconditionally. The combination of lo-fi-ness, unbelievable catchiness and clearly enunciated but still impenetrable lyrics, provide the sensation of picking up a faint radio transmission of the greatest band ever practicing aboard one of those “hardcore UFOs” Pollard sings about on the first song. Put it this way: There is one song in particular that you will immediately want to hear again, and will be humming for the rest of your life, and the name of that song is “Tractor Rape Chain.” Another one that has the same effect is “Echos Myron,” in which Pollard announces, “We're finally here, and shit, yeah, it's cool.” That pretty much says it all.