Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys, Ready For Boredom

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 07.17.13 in Reviews

Australia’s Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys are basically a drunker version of The Faces, a bunch of hooligans getting shitty on Foster’s then stumbling over to their guitars, cranking the amps and seeing what happens. Their live shows are notoriously sloppy (and, depending on whom you talk to, hilarious or infuriating) — bend members swap instruments, goof off interminably between songs and pound beer after beer after beer.

We’re spared all of that on the amazingly-titled Ready for Boredom, skipping instead right to the busted Mustang riffing and the blown-throat vocals. “Sally” is to The Rolling Stones “Happy” what Turkish Star Wars is to regular Star Wars: It has a lot of the same component parts — a blues lick deep-fried in axle grease, a somersaulting two-note hook — but is decidedly lower-budget and flaunts its inattention to detail. Their closest US analog is probably The Men — both bands mine classic rock for its junkiest spare parts — but the Bad Boys are sloppier and soggier still. The glistening album-closer “Keep it From You” is the closest they get to actual sentiment, but Nic Warnock’s heartsick lyrics sound like they’re coming from the business end of a drunk dial. He may not remember what he said in the morning, but he sounds like he means it in the moment. And isn’t that all that matters?