Beach Boys, Love You (2000 – Remaster)

Lenny Kaye

By Lenny Kaye

on 02.21.12 in Reviews

Love You (2000 - Remaster)

Beach Boys

A virtual solo album, with only minimal help from his band, Brian’s continual creative paralysis had resulted in an association with a hard-line psychiatrist, Dr. Eugene Landy, who made him sit at the piano each day and took a tough-love view of his bad habits. But power is a deceiving thing, and soon Landy began to think that he creatively knew better than Brian, with mixed results and certainly an estrangement from the rest of the Beach Boys. Still, this eccentric disc plumbs depths that Brian hadn’t ventured into since the aborted Smile sessions, and cuts like “Johnny Carson” or “Solar System” reveal a skewed sensibility that results in one of pop music’s most idiosyncratic voices roaming where he might, within his own parabolic orbit, around an astral plane that only he could negotiate.