The Be Good Tanyas, Blue Horse [Bonus Version]

Peter Blackstock

By Peter Blackstock

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Blue Horse [Bonus Version]

The Be Good Tanyas
This 2001 debut was ahead of the curve on the string band revival

Canadian all-female trio the Be Good Tanyas were a fair bit ahead of the curve on the string band revival; Blue Horse, their debut album, came out in 2001. Banjo, guitar, fiddle and mandolin figure prominently in their mix of traditionals (including the oft-covered "Coo Coo Bird" and the not-enough-covered gem "Lakes of Pontchartrain") and originals. The cut that leaps off the album is neither traditional nor original, but rather a song called "Light Enough to Travel," which was written by their Vancouver contemporary Geoff Berner. (Berner's solo-accordion original version is also available on eMusic, for the curious.)