Bazooka, Bazooka

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 07.18.13 in Reviews

The house band at the Wild Rumpus, Greek grime peddlers and brothers-in-arms with fellow countrymen Acid Baby Jesus and Gay Anniversary deliver big, clanging songs built for late-night deep-woods campfire dancing. They’ve got two drummers, which is probably part of what makes the music feel so frantic: “Koritsi Stin Akti” roars forward like some kind of demonic Mustang out for one last, doomed street race; “Bye Bye Girl” is deranged country, twanging guitar and full-gallop percussion while “Ravening Trip”‘s steady chug almost sounds like a bunch of greasers mocking Madchester, its shuffling backbeat smothered by horror-film riffing. This is party music for 20-foot monsters.